Border Insecurity: Risking Lives and Harming Resources

Ranchers along the Mexican border face an increasingly dangerous work environment as they attempt to maintain their livelihoods and businesses as violence and destruction continues to rise.

Greatly exacerbating the organized crime and illegal immigration problems on the border are the vast areas of Wilderness and other specially-designated federal lands. Because of them, U.S. Border Patrol is being prevented from maintaining a routine presence on portions of the 20.7 million acres of federal land located along the southern U.S. border region. The results have been not only life-threatening criminal activities, but also severe environmental degradation on these lands.

Because of these conditions, ranchers are put in constant danger and one even lost his life in 2010.

You Can Help!

Public involvement is key for the success of any initiative.  Contact your state, regional and national representatives to ensure your voice is heard in the discussion on border security.

More information on the issue can be found at the Arizona Cattle Growers’ Association website where they have published their 2010 document, Restore Our Border (ROB) Security Plan.