Forest Service Planning Rule

The National Forest Management Act (NFMA) requires the US Forest Service (USFS) to put in place a “planning rule” under which individual forests then develop specific management plans.

Presently, USFS is operating under the transition provisions of the 2000 planning rule; however, a new planning rule is in the process of being implemented. The new rule fails to encourage and extend requirements for active land management for multiple uses, including livestock grazing, timber harvesting and recreation. Instead, it focuses on ecosystem services, sustainability, preservation, and spiritual values.

The rule effectively makes USFS’s “guidelines” legally enforceable standards, entirely disregarding hard-fought legal victories establishing that guidelines are discretionary — not mandatory.

Political Action

PLC and other multiple-use industries have “filed suit” challenging the new planning rule. We have also filed “comments” on the agency’s proposed directives to guide the plan’s implementation.

You Can Help!

Ask your House and Senate members to voice their concern about this new rule to the administration.