American Sheep Industry Association’s Targeted Grazing Handbook Listening Session

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ASI is currently working on an update to their existing Targeted Grazing Handbook. This update is intended to be a hands-on supplement for new and existing targeted grazers, with topics including: developing a prescription, animal husbandry, federal/state grazing, and H2A considerations. This webinar will focus on gathering feedback from PLC participants familiar with the issues, as well as provide an overview of the project and its benefits to the industry.



Allison Grove

Allison Grove has 25+ years of experience working with animal science research. She graduated from Colorado State University with a BS in Bio-Agricultural Science and has MS in Animal Science with a focus on ruminant nutrition from Montana State University.  She worked as a research assistant at several land-grant universities and research stations before starting AG Research LLC in 2008. Now, Allison provides research support on a free-lance basis to academic, industry, and non-profit clients primarily as a writer and statistician. Her work with beef cattle and sheep involved grazing trials, animal preference and behavior, noxious weeds, and mineral supplementation.









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