American Sheep Industry Association’s Targeted Grazing Handbook Listening Session

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ASI is currently working on an update to their existing Targeted Grazing Handbook. This update is intended to be a hands-on supplement for new and existing targeted grazers, with topics including: developing a prescription, animal husbandry, federal/state grazing, and H2A considerations. This webinar will focus on gathering feedback from PLC participants familiar with the issues, as well as provide an overview of the project and its benefits to the industry.



Dr. John Walker

Dr. John Walker has conducted research at the Texas A&M University AgriLife Research and Extension Center in San Angelo, Texas since 1997. Prior, to that he was a range scientist at the U.S. Sheep Experiment Station in Dubois, ID for 10-years. His research interests are in diet selection and using or manipulating diet preferences to improve the ecological health of rangelands. His research and management involves multispecies grazing, targeted grazing, and the development of the ACE goat (Aggie Cedar Eater) a line of goats selectively bred to increase preference for juniper. He is currently a coinvestigator on the Prairie Project, which is a collaborative project with the University of Nebraska and Oklahoma State University on the use of pyric herbivory and multispecies grazing to sustainable reduce woody plant encroachment.

Dr. Walker received his B.S. in wildlife science from Texas A&M University. His M.S. from Colorado State University where he conducted research in eastern Colorado on the production of forage fed beef from integrated crop and rangeland grazing systems. In the 1980’s he managed and conducted research on short duration grazing in north Texas for his Ph.D. from Texas A&M.









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