Public Lands Council Hosts Annual Meeting in Boise, Idaho

BOISE, Idaho (Sept. 8, 2016) – Western ranchers are gathering this week in Boise, Idaho, for the 2016 Public Lands Council annual meeting. As the only organization in Washington D.C. solely dedicated to representing livestock ranchers who utilize public lands, PLC’s annual meeting will focus on legislative and regulatory updates. This year’s meeting will again feature top-notch speakers covering a wide range of topics.

“There’s never been a more important time for public lands ranchers to come together and shape the future policy for our livelihoods,” said Brenda Richards, PLC president. “Ranchers across the West have had some great wins over the past year, but there are still a number of critically important issues that we need to tackle. From the continued abuse of the Antiquities Act, locking off broad sweeps of public lands from multiple use, to environmental activists hampering endangered species conservation, it is vitally important that we set policy to preserve the future of our industry. This annual meeting is a great time to bring our strong membership base together to discuss these issues in the industry and develop our policy priorities.”

The sessions start today and cover a range of topics including the need for modernization of the Endangered Species Act, invasive species, wildfire management, water rights issues, sage grouse, and management of wild horses, and include speakers from the Western Resources Legal Center, the U.S. Forest Service and industry representatives. The meeting will wrap up on Saturday with a range tour of Charles Lyons’ Ranch.

“There are certainly no shortage of issues to discuss this year and it’s important for ranchers to engage in the conversation that shape national policy decisions,” added Richards. “With the backdrop of the Boise foothills, this is set to be a great meeting.”

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