Opportunities for Grant Funding


Federal grazing permittees face unique political, environmental, and economic challenges that set them apart from livestock producers in other regions of the country. They are also uniquely positioned at the nexus of many of the most pressing policy concerns of our time – wildfire mitigation, water access and quality, rangeland and soil health, carbon sequestration, wildlife conservation and management, safeguarding the future of multiple use on federal lands, to name just a few. Public lands ranchers form the backbone of many rural communities and local economies, play a vital role in our national food supply chain, and lead the way in innovative and responsible stewardship of landscapes across the West.

The Public Lands Council grant program offers funding on a competitive basis to projects that can help equip PLC with the tools to advance and improve the future of grazing on public lands. Priority areas for funding are identified each year by the Board of Directors, and can include scientific research, communications campaigns, and business development projects.


PLC is not currently accepting applications for Fiscal Year 2023 grant awards; the next cycle will begin in Fiscal Year 2024, which will support projects from Sept. 2023-Sept. 2024.