Public Lands Council to Fund Federal Lands Ranching Projects, Opens Proposal Application Period

WASHINGTON (April 10, 2018) – Today the Public Lands Council (PLC) launched a formal Request for Proposals (RFP) for projects designed to strengthen the long-term viability of the public lands ranching industry. Funded by the PLC Endowment Trust, the RFP provides financial support to projects addressing key issues across the federal lands ranching industry. While all project proposals are eligible for consideration, the PLC Endowment Trust identified the following priority areas:

  • Generating current, relevant data on the public perception and misconceptions amongst suburban/urban and non-western consumers and voters regarding public lands ranching and surrounding issues;
  • Contributing to the body of science and data illustrating the importance of grazing to western land management, ecosystem services and other benefits of grazing, and other such relevant science and data; and
  • Compiling data related to the regional and local economic impacts of grazing and related industries to rural communities compared to the seasonal tourism and recreational impacts.

With more than 22,000 public land ranchers maintaining 250 million acres of U.S. public land, grazing on federal lands contributes to the economic and social sustainability of America’s rural communities. All those interested in submitting a proposal should visit the PLC website for proposal submission instructions. The proposal form and any additional materials should be submitted via email to no later than Friday, May 31, 2019.

The PLC Endowment Trust was established for the purpose of maintaining an endowment to protect, enhance and preserve public lands and the public lands livestock grazing industry. For more details please visit


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