Webinar: Next Generation Rangeland Monitoring and Knowledge Access Apps: Roundtable with USDA-ARS

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Join Jeff Herrick (ARS) for this interactive workshop which will provide input to USDA-ARS as it designs and develops the next generation of apps and other tools to (a) access management-relevant knowledge and information, including through Ecological Site Descriptions, and (b) collect monitoring data you can use to tell your story.


We will begin with a participant discussion of current barriers to knowledge access and monitoring. Then we will develop specific recommendations for work that the data and knowledge systems group at the USDA-ARS Range Management Research Unit (Jornada), in cooperation with partners, should complete in the next 5 years.
NOTE: This webinar is open only to permittees and those actively engaged in rangeland monitoring.


Dr. Jeff Herrick, USDA Agriculture Research Service

Herrick is a scientist with the USDA-ARS Range Management Research Unit (Jornada). He has worked on a wide variety of issues including soil health, restoration, simple tools for rangeland soil and vegetation monitoring, and strategies for applying resilience to management. He serves as an external member of the BLM’s National Science Committee, is a member of the International Resource Panel and serves as the US science representative to the UNCCD. Jeff led the development of the nationally (US – NRCS/BLM) applied rangeland monitoring protocols, and co-led the development of the rangeland assessment system.









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