Public Lands Endowment Trust

The Public Lands Endowment Trust is established for the purpose of maintaining an endowment to protect, enhance, and preserve public lands and the public lands livestock grazing industry.


To support the longevity of public lands ranching, the Trust has identified general priority areas for successful projects:

  • Data on the public perception suburban/urban and non-western consumers and voters regarding public lands ranching and associated issues; and
  • Data related to the role of grazing in western land management, the provision of ecosystem services, and contributions to the management of other natural resources; and
  • Data related to the regional and local economic impacts of grazing and related industries to rural communities; and
  • Promotion and marketing that communicates the importance of public lands ranching and furthers the policy of the Public Lands Council.

Current Research Questions

To address these general priorities, proposals should seek to address one of the following research questions:

  • Are there demonstrable interactions between public lands grazing, and wildlife habitat and/or migration patterns?
  • How does cattle grazing/sheep grazing contribute to the control of invasive plants on public lands?
  • Is there a private land impact when grazed public lands are adjacent to nongrazed/grazed private lands?

Proposal Submission

Applicants should complete the attached proposal application. Additional materials may be included as necessary.

The proposal form and any additional materials should be submitted via email to no later than July 15, 2020. Proposals will be evaluated by the Board of Directors during the Annual Meeting of the Public Lands Council in September. Successful applicants will be notified thereafter.

Please note: A representative may be asked to present their proposal in person at this meeting in Seaside, Oregon, September 23-26, 2020.