Public Lands Council and National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Comment on Endangered Species Coalition Report

Summary: The Public Lands Council and the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association today commented on the Endangered Species Coalition’s report on priorities for a new administration by adding a few concerns of its own. PLC and NCBA maintain that effective conservation is only achieved through balanced management and a focus on truly imperiled species – not those targeted by activist groups with a “zero human footprint” agenda.

WASHINGTON (Dec. 22, 2016) – After reviewing the report released on Wednesday by the Endangered Species Coalition, entitled “Removing the Walls to Recovery: Top 10 Species Priorities for a New Administration,” the Public Lands Council and the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association announced today several additional species overlooked by the report.

Since a gaping lack of scientific evidence does not appear to be a barrier to entry on this particular list, nor does a dearth of hard data, PLC and NCBA propose adding two additional imperiled and overlooked species: the Western Sasquatch and the flying North Pole (Santa’s) reindeer.

The Western Sasquatch is of great concern to enthusiasts and reality television viewers throughout the country, yet is altogether ignored by conservationists. Lovers of the Sasquatch are reduced to searching for footprints and other trace evidence of the great creature or waiting for new updates to the Netflix library.

Similarly, it is believed that only nine of Santa’s reindeer exist today, and warming temperatures increase the impending threat to their habitat. The extinction of these flying reindeer, all of whom have been affectionately named, would be a great loss for children and elves alike. The reindeer are truly a beloved part of our country’s great history, and their exclusion from the Endangered Species Coalition’s list is tantamount to a war on Christmas.

Though the Endangered Species Coalition may find it fitting to ignore science in pursuit of a political agenda, PLC and NCBA does not. Ranchers are the original stewards of the American landscape. Lists like the one released by the Endangered Species Coalition totally ignore the time, effort, and resources expended by ranchers and others to conserve wildlife and ecosystems while simultaneously providing food and fiber to the world.

In fact, the best scientific evidence available has proven time and time again that livestock grazing is not only compatible with conservation efforts, it is essential to achieving the objectives these groups claim to seek.

If the Endangered Species Coalition really wants to prioritize the continued survival of the sage grouse and the other species on its list, it should support true conservationist like America’s ranchers.

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